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I hope you are all having a wonderful last couple of weeks of summer and have gotten some good rest and relaxation. Although it feels early, I am already thinking ahead to the first PreK payment, which we plan to issue by 9/15/17. In the central offices of the school systems, we are already creating the Purchase Orders based on currently approved applications.

I NEED YOUR PROGRAM TO CHECK THE GOOGLE ATTENDANCE SHEETS AND VERIFY EACH CHILD'S ENROLLMENT INFORMATION AND YOUR LEGAL NAME/ADDRESS FOR THE CHECK PAYMENT. Please plan to complete this step by 8/21/17. All children with approved applications in each school system have been pre-loaded into the Sheets for you. You'll have one sheet for each Addison School System with which you partner. Check your emails and add these to your Google Drive. More information about the Google Sheets is below.

In addition, not all programs have sent in contracts and liability insurance information listing the correct names for school districts. Without this information, we cannot approve your contract and you will experience delays in the payment and possible proration of funds.

In the post below, I share information about working with Google Sheets, Getting Ready for Fall, and Trainings, Courses and In-Services for your Staff. I hope this will be useful to you, and strongly recommend printing for future reference.

About the Google Sheets:

  • You can choose "Add to my Drive" (top corner) and place the sheet(s) in a personal folder for easy access and location. This will not change the settings for other users.

  • All the sheets are designed to be prepopulated with names based on that first tab.

  • DO NOT DELETE children even if they move mid-year, as that will delete them from all sheets. You can just stop entering their attendance information and enter an end date on the first tab.

  • Do NOT share these with others as that would be a violation of FERPA and child confidentiality. If you feel that you need to share with another in your organization, please let me know.

  • All changes can be viewed in real time by me, you, and select SU/SD staff. You will not need to email the forms to submit them, but will need to have attendance entered prior to the due dates. Attendance is currently entered by month on individual tabs and due dates are noted at the top of the form.

  • On the first tab, you will see the list of children in your program with approved PreK applications for the schools. Please cross-reference this with your enrollment to be sure that you have all the children accounted for and let Meg know as soon as possible if any children are missing. Complete the other information on that first tab also.

  • I have entered automatic formulas for calculation of attendance totals and you should not need to alter those. If you add more rows of children and need to extend the equations to cells below, you can select the cell above the new cell. Look for the small blue square in the corner of the old cell and drag it down into the new cell(s).

  • If you add new rows to the invoices, please be sure that the subtotal at the bottom calculates correctly (it's currently set to add the amounts automatically).

  • Printing should be easier than with previous attendance forms. Choose "print" from the file menu to open up print settings. You can print all sheets or just the one you are on. I recommend selecting "landscape" and "fit to width". After hitting the "print" button on the settings page, you can preview the print. From there, you can print to a printer or "print as PDF" and save to your computer.

  • Another handy tip: To start a new line within a cell (as when you enter an address with multiple lines in one cell), hit Ctrl-Enter to begin your new line.

Getting Ready for Fall:

  • All PreK applications should be in to schools though we will accept them on a rolling basis through the year. However, any applications that are not approved by the first day of school will be prorated. Any applications that are not currently approved will not be included in the first check, and will have to be made up in subsequent payments.

  • As a result of Act 46 mergers that took effect on July 1st, Addison Central SU and Addison Northwest SU have changed their names to Addison Central School District and Addison Northwest School District respectively. Websites and emails have changed (though information will be forwarded on for a time). Please watch your emails for these changes.

  • When you enter children into TSG, please carefully check the funding sources and demographics for each child, especially those listed below. The state is using this data to demonstrate child need, and without appropriate entry of children, I sometimes can't see them when I run reports.

  • Race and Ethnicity (must be self-reported - see PreK application for this info)

  • SU/SD counting this child in ADM (list SU/SD for PreK children only)

  • Town of Residence (according to what is listed on the child's PreK application)

  • Pre-K (only children who are receiving tuition dollars from the schools)

  • Head Start (children receiving Head Start services)

  • Child Care and Development Block Grant (this is subsidy)

  • Private (tuition from families)

  • TANF (Reach Up)

  • Part B Section 619/ Part C Early Intervention (indicates child receives special education services)

  • Free and Reduced Lunch (Children who are migrant, homeless, in state custody, receiving 3 Squares or Reach Up are automatically eligible for free lunch. Children who have a household member such as as sibling receiving FRL are eligible for free or reduced lunch status at the same rate as their household member. Other children may be eligible based on income guidelines. If you offer CCFAP or a school lunch program, you may use the FRL information from that application to inform this section. PreK applications may help identify other children who are eligible also.)

  • TSG's Home Language Survey should be completed for all children whose families report that a language other than English is spoken in the home and any child whose first language was not English, including children adopted from a foreign country. These questions are asked by the PreK application. Children who are English Language Learners may be eligible for ELL services through the school and may qualify for TSG assessment in Spanish Language and Literacy Objectives.

  • Families who have moved for agricultural reasons in the past three years may be eligible for services through Migrant Education. You can help identify families by including the Agricultural Employment Survey in your enrollment packet and then completing a referral for eligible families directly to UVM's Migrant Education program.

  • CDD Background Checks: If your program has not completed prints through the CDD for all staff, you will have to do this before fall. Forms and information about background checks can be found at the CDD licensing site. The program will complete a census of staff and each staff member will complete a Record Check Authorization.

Training, Courses, and In-Service Planning:

  • TS Gold offers a free "Basic" training and an "Interrater Reliability" training for teachers/admins (found on the TSG Dashboard). While this is not currently required by our contracts, it is STRONGLY recommended for ALL staff who are entering documentation or checkpoint ratings, regardless of how long they have been doing assessment or teaching. As you are planning for in-service time in the fall, please think about allowing staff time to complete this training. The data from TS Gold is being used at a state and regional level and increasing reliability is important.

  • The CDD Training Here We Go: New CBCCPP/FCCH Licensing Rules must be completed by all licensed and registered programs BY SEPTEMBER 1ST to comply with new regulations. Information about this and other required CDD trainings is available here.

  • TS Gold has changed its layout, so log in as soon as possible and investigate the online trainings related to this topic.

  • VELS Institutes will be offered throughout the fall on various developmental topics. For more info, go to:

  • VT-HEC is sponsoring a credited course for PreK-12th educators in Rutland this fall on Developmental Trauma and Schools taught by Dave Melnick.

  • VELS Master Classes will be offered on several topics such as Supporting Dual Language Learners in the Chittenden County area this fall:

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