End of Year Important Info

Hi Addison County Partners,

Just some reminders as we are finishing out the school year and planning for the next school year. PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY AND PRINT FOR FUTURE REFERENCE! I could send out a separate reminder for each item, but have compiled this list in the hopes that you can read and print it all!

End of Year:

  • TS Gold Spring checkpoints must be finalized by approximately June 7th or earlier! Addison County does not need you to send the TSG reports; we can run reports that include your PreK children from the Addison districts (only).

  • Please also plan to submit final attendance information to the SUs by June 16th or earlier! Failure to submit in a timely way may impact future PreK contracts. Any reconciliation funds that are needed due to overpayment will be due to SUs on this date as well.

  • TS Gold offers a free teacher and administrator webinar about closing out your year and how to archive and move children to new classrooms and color bands if needed. You can find this webinar on your TSG dashboard. If you need more archive space, you can get this by calling Gold.

  • Please consider sending a thank you note from your program or children to school boards, superintendents, and other community stakeholders to thank them for their investment in early care and education this year. Some may also appreciate invitations to end-of-year celebrations at your program.

  • Kindergarten information is linked here for you to give to families. It includes pick up and drop off, afterschool care, and schedule information for most of our public school kindergarten programs.

Training and In-Service Planning:

  • TS Gold offers a free "Basic" training and an "Interrater Reliability" training for teachers/admins (found on the TSG Dashboard). While this is not currently required by our contracts, it is STRONGLY recommended for ALL staff who are entering documentation or checkpoint ratings, regardless of how long they have been doing assessment or teaching. As you are planning for in-service time in the summer/fall, please think about allowing staff time to complete this training. The data from TS Gold is being used at a state and regional level and increasing reliability is important.

  • The CDD Training Here We Go: New CBCCPP/FCCH Licensing Rules must be completed by all licensed and registered programs BY SEPTEMBER 1ST to comply with new regulations. This training is currently only available in Rutland or Burlington, but may be offered as an online training later in the summer. Stay tuned to CDD Licensing bulletins for additional required trainings including the medication administration training and the orientation for all staff.

  • TS Gold is changing its layout, so stay tuned over the summer for additional information and online trainings related to this topic.

Getting Ready for Fall:

  • The 2017-18 PreK contract should be finalized in the next couple of weeks. I will send it out when it is available. In the meantime, you can gather your liability insurance information (naming the SU/SDs as "additional insured"), your staff lists, and your W-9 forms.

  • As a result of Act 46 mergers that will take effect on July 1st, Addison Central SU and Addison Northwest SU will be changing their names to Addison Central School District and Addison Northwest School District respectively. Websites and emails WILL change (though information will be forwarded on for a time). Please watch your emails for these changes. Addison Northeast SU will make changes next summer.

Please also begin gathering PreK applications (due no later than 7/3) and verifying that they are complete and contain necessary residency documentation. Your check before the applications are sent to the SUs will save everyone time. If you have a family who is struggling to prove their residency because they are doubling up with friends or family, or living in shelters, motels, campgrounds, or transitional housing, please let me know. A PreK application without the disclaimer box related to legislation is available here. You may use this one if you'd prefer, but do not have to.

  • When you enter children into TSG in the fall, please carefully check the funding sources and demographics for each child, especially those listed below. Without appropriate entry of children, I sometimes can't see them when I run reports and the state cannot accurately use the data.

  • Race and Ethnicity (must be self-reported - see PreK application for this info)

  • SU/SD counting this child in ADM (list SU/SD for PreK children only)

  • Town of Residence (according to what is listed on the child's PreK application)

  • Pre-K (only children who are receiving tuition dollars from the schools)

  • Head Start (children receiving Head Start services)

  • Child Care and Development Block Grant (this is subsidy)

  • Private (tuition from families)

  • TANF (Reach Up)

  • Part B Section 619/ Part C Early Intervention (indicates child receives special education services)

  • Free and Reduced Lunch (Children who are migrant, homeless, in DCF custody, receiving 3 Squares or Reach Up are automatically eligible for free lunch. Children who have a household member such as as sibling receiving FRL are eligible for free or reduced lunch status at the same rate as their household member. Other children may be eligible based on income guidelines. If you offer CCFAP or a school lunch program, you may use the FRL information from that application to inform this section. PreK applications may help identify other children who are eligible also.)

  • TSG's Home Language Survey should be completed for all children whose families report that a language other than English is spoken in the home and any child whose first language was not English, including children adopted from a foreign country. These questions are asked by the PreK application. Children who are English Language Learners may be eligible for ELL services through the school and may qualify for TSG assessment in Spanish Language and Literacy Objectives.

  • Families who have moved for agricultural reasons in the past three years may be eligible for services through Migrant Education. You can help identify families by including the Agricultural Employment Survey in your enrollment packet and then completing a referral for eligible families directly to UVM's Migrant Education program.

  • CDD Background Checks: If your program has not completed prints through the CDD for all staff, you will have to do this before fall. Forms and information about background checks can be found at the CDD licensing site. The program will complete a census of staff and each staff member will complete a Record Check Authorization.

Whew! Thanks all for a relatively smooth year for the first year of full PreK implementation! I look forward to working with you again next year.

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