Criminal Background Check Forms

Criminal background check forms have been uploaded to the Forms page for all PreK partners. A letter went out from Superintendents recently about this topic. See below for an exerpt from that letter:

"The Child Development Division (CDD) of the Agency of Human Services is responsible for employee background checks required to authorize PreK programs. However, it has come to our attention that background check results collected by the CDD cannot be transferred to supervisory unions. This means that we at ACSU, ANESU, and ANWSU have no way of verifying that employees working in partner PreK programs meet our high standards for contractors (e.g., program staff) who work alone with children.

We are acting now in response to recent communication from the Agency of Administration, Vermont School Boards Association, Vermont Superintendents Association, and the Vermont School Boards Insurance Trust.

Under Act 166, PreK is now recognized as a grade of elementary school. For this reason, supervisory unions are responsible for applying school standards, including Title 16 section 255, which clearly identifies the steps superintendents must take to assure that all school contractors who may be working unsupervised with children have completed the national background check process. Under the law, if background check results are not currently on file with the supervisory union office, those employees may only work with children when district employees are present to supervise them. Our school districts do not have the resources available to send employees into the many facilities we contract with to supervise their staff.

Employee background check records currently held by one of our supervisory unions can be transferred to the others. However, those employees who were required to have fingerprints taken for the CDD this year must now have them taken again for the supervisory unions. (Partner programs, please see instructions and forms accompanying this letter for details.)"

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