Criminal Background Checks

Thanks for your patience with this constantly changing process. Here is the most updated information I have, but things may change again even this week!

The Child Development Division is running criminal background checks on staff in prequalified programs as a child care licensing requirement under the new regulations (all licensed/registered programs will have to comply with this regulation at some point in the next couple of years).

Despite what we had hoped, the fingerprints that were conducted at the Supervisory Unions will not be transferrable to the CDD (as a result of federal laws related to the confidentiality of that information). I have been told this is not negotiable.

Prequalified programs will have to work with the CDD to follow their process for fingerprinting staff this fall. However, from this point forward, no new staff will need to be fingerprinted by the Supervisory Unions, as we will be able to accept that this has occurred as a component of your licensing and prequalification. My understanding is that school-based programs will also need to complete this process for all of their staff at some point (not in this first round).

The process is laid out below. I encourage you to carefully review this information and to begin the process with staff as quickly as possible. Given the volume of individuals expected to need fingerprinting, the system is likely to be overloaded and delayed. It is in your best interest to be at the forefront of this fingerprinting so that your staff can receive their checks in a timely manner.​

1. Staff of programs that were fingerprinted through their SU last year will NOT need to be fingerprinted in the August 19th round of background checks, but will need to participate in a later round of checks. This means that most of the Addison County programs (who were printed at ANESU last year) will not need to be printed in this round of CDD printing. You will probably receive a phone call asking you to notify your school partners that you have been printed. Please do let me know that your entire staff has all been printed. The AOE and SUs still need to determine how to process this information.

2. New staff and newly prequalified programs who were not printed last year through the SUs should plan to be printed by Friday, August 19th. Please contact me about the delays I am expecting.

3. School-based programs will not need staff to be fingerprinted in this round of CDD licensing background checks. Their prints will be held by the SUs. In the future, they will probably need to participate in the CDD child care licensing background checks, but this process is not finalized.

Stay tuned for more information.

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